Law Firm Loans

Stack of CashLaw firm loans from Easy Lawsuit Loans can provide much needed operating capital for law firms.

These funds can be received as lump sum payments or set up as a line of credit. The funding can be used for any purpose relating to the running of the firm.

It is important that a law firm be able to provide a complete service to it’s clients, and not be hampered by financial considerations. Allowing finances to dictate procedures in managing a case is not in the best interest of the client. With Easy Lawsuit Funds, providing loans for law firms is a fairly simple process. The loans are funded against the firms’ portfolio of current cases for collateral.

Law Firm Overhead

A law firm’s overhead is an ever present reality. It doesn’t stop, nor does it wait for cases to settle. Therefore it is essential for a law firm to have immediate access to capital funding. Capital that is available at a moments notice. Law Firm loans can be used to cover the day to day expenses and overhead or be used for specific cases.

These expenses include, but are not limited to:
Business Expansion
Phone and Utilities
and more…

Law Firm Client Case Costs

In many instances, a client case will require a significant amount of capital investment. When funds are used to provide services for a single case, the cost of the funds can be charged to the case, and recovered. These funds can include but are not limited to:
Travel costs
Expert Witnesses
Deposition Costs
Research Costs
Discovery Costs
Appellate Funding

As these monies are directly attributable to specific cases, they are rightfully added to the cost of the case, along with the cost of the money. It is also good business to make use of this capital when it will provide you with the means to handle larger case loads, bringing in additional income and profits. Law Firm Cash Advance

If your firm is spending more time watching finances than it should be, a law firm loan from Easy Lawsuit Funds may be the answer. Give us a call and let us work on getting you the funds you need to make running your business easier.