Defective Products Lawsuit Funding

Defective ProductsWhether it be mechanical products or medical implants, a defective products lawsuit can take considerable time to make its way through the court system.

If you need cash quickly, contact Easy Lawsuit Funds to see if you qualify for our pre settlement cash advance.

Defective Products Lawsuit Funding

Receive a Cash Advance to Pay Your Bills Today Contact Easy Lawsuit Funds if you were injured from a defective or faulty product. You could be entitled to a settlement under United States personal injury laws. Every year, there are millions of people who are victims of defective products. Defective products can cause serious injury or even wrongful death.

You need to know the three types of defective products lawsuits:

  • Design flaws
  • Manufacturing defects
  •  Failing to warn people of the risks of using the product

It is up to the manufacturer to keep the customer safe at all times when using their products. If a manufacturer is negligent with one of their products, they can be held responsible for any injuries that happen. If you have a defective products lawsuit and are waiting for your case to settle, contact Easy Lawsuit Funds today to receive a cash advance to help pay your living expenses and hospital bills. Our application process is easy and discreet.

Defective Products Lawsuit Cash Advance

We offer lump sum advances to help you pay your living expenses and medical bills. You don’t pay us back unless you win your defective products lawsuit, and if you don’t reach a settlement, you don’t pay us a dime. It’s that easy. Defective Products Lawsuit Cash Advance Our defective products lawsuit funding cash advances have competitive interest rates. You don’t need to be employed, and we accept all types of credit levels. Bad credit is okay when you apply for our defective products cash advance.

Here are several examples of accidents resulting from defective products:

  • Automotive Defects
  • Air Bags
  • Car Engine Defects
  • Brake Failure
  • Seat Belt Failure
  • Tires Medical Devices
  • Depuy Hips
  • Medtronic Infuse Bone Graft
  • Transvaginal Mesh
  • And Much More

If you are a victim of defective products, you may be eligible for our Defective Products Lawsuit Funding services. Contact Easy Lawsuit Funds today to apply for a defective products cash advance, and you could receive funding within a few days of us receiving your case information back from your attorney.

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