Breach of Contract Lawsuit Funding

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Breach of Contract Case

The definition of a contract is an agreement between two parties. These parties could be individuals, entrepreneurs, or large corporations. Contracts are written, implied, or verbal. To qualify your situation as a breach of contract case, you need to have:

  • A verbal, implied or written contract
  • Plaintiff damages
  • Breach of Contract initiated by the defendant

Breach of Contract Lawsuit

A breach of contract case is similar to personal injury cases, in that there are specific procedures that need to take place. Here is a list of guidelines that you would have to abide by to initiate a breach of contract lawsuit:

  • Filing the Complaint- Do you have a cause of action? This is required to start your breach of contract case.
  • Service of the Complaint- A summons is filed, and the defendant is served papers.
  • Response to the Complaint- The defendant has 30 days from the date of receiving the summons to challenge or comply with the cause of action.
  • Hearing- Defendant can motion to strike, and the motion needs to be heard before moving forward.
  • Discovery Materials- Information gathered on the opposite side, sworn testimonies, and other information to help your case.
  • Setting for the Trial- This step determines if your case is ready to go to trial.
  • Negotiations to achieve a settlement.
  • Trial- Even though most cases settle outside of the courtroom, if a settlement can not be reached, then you go to trial.

Since you are filing a breach of contract lawsuit, you are seeking compensation for the financial, mental, or physical suffering that the defendant caused. A breach of contract lawsuit could take months or years before reaching a settlement, and you can’t put your life on hold until you reach that settlement.

Easy Lawsuit Funds is here to help you with Breach of Contract Lawsuit Funding, which could help you pay your rent, mortgage, utilities, and other bills that you incurred that was due to the breach of contract.

This is not really a loan at all, but an investment in your suit. If you lose your case, you pay nothing.

Our breach of contract cash advances offer quick and easy approval, and you could get cash 24 – 48 hours from the time your attorney returns the required forms. You don’t need to have good credit to qualify since we accept all credit types. Also, you don’t need to be employed either to be eligible for our Breach of Contract Lawsuit Funding.

We offer industry competitive interest rates, and you don’t make any payments until after your case settles. If you don’t win your case, you don’t have to make any payments to us at all. Contact Easy Lawsuit Funds today to see if you are approved for our Breach of Contract Lawsuit Funding. For more information on Breach of Contract, visit: