BP Commercial Lawsuit Funding

BP Oil SpillIn April of 2010, BP’s Macondo oil well killed eleven men and triggered the largest oil spill in history out in the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s been assumed that between seventeen and thirty-nine million gallons spilled out into the Gulf, not including what still remains.

In the path of the oil spill, it endangered the lives of animals, killing many. The fishermen of the Gulf of Mexico assume that it would be seven years before they can safely fish for food that will not be contaminated by the oil spill. The animals are not the only ones being affected by the spill. In 2011 it was estimated that over nineteen thousand jobs had been lost due to the spill, translating into one billion dollars lost in wages.

If you are one of the many businesses that have a lawsuit pending against BP Oil, you’re well aware that there is a long line and that it could be a while before you see any compensation. While waiting, you might experience the inability to make ends meet and you may even be facing the loss of your business. That’s when our BP Commercial Lawsuit Cash Advance services come into the picture.

BP Business Interruption Lawsuit

If this situation sounds like the one you find yourself in, then this is could very well be a Godsend for you. BP Commercial Lawsuit Funding is for businesses who have an Income/Business Interruption lawsuit pending against BP Oil. As you are now very aware, filing a lawsuit against BP, can be a prolonged process. If you don’t have the funds like BP does we can help to make sure you can keep up with your bills while you wait for your lawsuit to settle. This is a non-recourse cash advance that can get you back on your feet today. Interested in an advance but want more facts?

When applying for Lawsuit Funding you:

  • Do not need employment
  • Do not need good credit
  • there are no out of pocket expenses to be concerned with

Applying is simple. All you need to do is give us a call. You’ll be connected to one of our agents, who will help assist you in the process of filling out an application. They’ll need a little information regarding your pending lawsuit, but don’t worry, anything you say will be kept confidential.

If you do qualify for a cash advance, you will be on your way to taking charge of your life. After being approved, you will receive your cash advance within as little as two days. The money can be deposited directly into your checking account, or we’ll overnight you a check.

There are no payments on your Lawsuit Funding until you win your lawsuit. Now, if for some reason you happen to not win your case, there’s no need to worry about repaying your advance. It’s on us. How easy does that sound? Stop waiting for BP Oil to be ready to give you the settlement you deserve! Allow our company to help you give you a cash advance now! Call Easy Lawsuit Funds today at 856-340-6133.