Benefits of Lawsuit Cash Advances

Benefits of Lawsuit Cash AdvancesMillions of people have pending or closed personal injury and corporate lawsuits. Even so, it could take several months to even years before they actually receive a settlement check. These folks can quickly realize the Benefits of Lawsuit Cash Advances. For those who have pending cases, but are running low on funds to keep going, turn to lawsuit cash advances.

They do this so they can afford to wait for a fair settlement offer. It’s common knowledge that insurance companies drag cases out for as long as possible, with the plan of having the plaintiff get desperate enough to settle at a lower number. Enter Lawsuit Funding from Easy Lawsuit Funds. These advances provide an influx of cash when you need it most.


Lawsuit Cash Advance

The reason many people apply for a lawsuit cash advance from Easy Lawsuit Funds is that the money will help them pay for their living expenses, hospital or medical bills, utilities, and more. To apply for this type of loan, people will have to look for a lawsuit funding company. There are multiple benefits of this type of advance when you’re waiting for your case to settle or your settlement check.

Non-Recourse Loans

Lawsuit cash advances are considered non-recourse loans so you don’t have to pay the lender back if you don’t win your case or you don’t receive a settlement check after your case settles. This is a great way to pay your bills while you are waiting months or even years before reaching a fair settlement offer. The two requirements you need to have is a pending personal injury or corporate lawsuits that were caused by the negligence of another, and you must be represented by an attorney for your case. If you meet these two qualifications, then you are eligible to apply for a lawsuit cash advance non-recourse loan. Being non-recourse is one of the benefits of a lawsuit cash advance.

Make No Payments Until You Get Paid

The next reason many people choose to take out lawsuit loans is that they do not have to make any payments to the loan until after they are paid their settlement. A lawsuit cash advance helps reduce your stress levels because you no longer have to worry about where you are going to find the money to pay your bills. Many people are barely getting by when they take their case to court, so lawsuit cash advances are the perfect option for them. This is another of the Benefits of a Lawsuit Cash Advance.

No Income Verifications

People who bring their personal injury case to court often are unable to work and maintain a steady living. Many people are struggling with their bills, and to add hospital and medical bills on to the pile without a steady income coming in often has them accepting a low-ball offer from the insurance company. Being a lawsuit funding lender, we do not need to verify your income when you apply for a lawsuit cash advance.

Perfect Credit not necessary

When you apply for a lawsuit cash advance, you don’t have to have good credit to be approved. Lawsuit funders do not look at your credit score, so bad, no, and good credit applicants are welcomed to apply. We do not evaluate your assets either, as this is a non-recourse loan and is based on your expected settlement amount. One more of the many Benefits of Lawsuit Cash Advances.

Funding Within 24-48 Hours after Approval

Finally, the best part of applying for a lawsuit cash advance from Easy Lawsuit Funds is once you are approved, you’ll receive money within 24 to 48 hours. There are no other loans like lawsuit cash advances, and it helps millions of people live comfortably until their case reaches a settlement.