Antitrust Lawsuit Funding

Anti Trust Lawsuit FundingAntitrust laws were created to protect against monopolies and unfair business practices. In return, antitrust laws are there to promote fair competition in the marketplace. Unfortunately, just because these laws exist, it doesn’t mean all businesses follow them.  It can become very frustrating when you or your business fall victim to monopolies or unfair business practices from another business or persons.

Because those laws do exist, any individual or business that breaks these antitrust laws, can be subjected to a lawsuit and be fined up to ten million dollars. Lawsuits can be costly, especially if the defendant (Business or Persons) has the cash flow to prolong the lawsuit process. That is why Antitrust Lawsuit Funding can be so vitally important. Surviving this type of situation can be very difficult if you or your business doesn’t have adequate funds to keep you operating during this tough time.

Antitrust Lawsuit Funding could be the answer you’re looking for. Having an attorney that is working on a contingency basis is critical, as is having the available funds to stay current with your financial obligations. Lack of funds could result in the ruin of your business.  Our company, Easy Lawsuit Funds, will try to secure the funds you need, at the best rates available, to prevent that from happening.  This funding is available to businesses or people who are the plaintiffs in such a case and could be the help you need to overcome this difficult time.

This lawsuit advance is not a loan
It is a non-recourse cash advance, to be used to help individuals or businesses remain solvent while pursuing their lawsuit, and maintaining the business and lifestyle they had before entering into a lawsuit. If funded, there are no monthly payments, and no out of pocket expenses. The money will not need to be paid back until AFTER you win your lawsuit. If you happen to lose your lawsuit, there is no need for you to repay any of this Anti Trust Lawsuit Funding. Our company understands how helpful this type of funding could be for you or your business, and we will do our best to get you funded.

Requirements for an Anti Trust Lawsuit Advance

There are a few conditions to meet, before applying:

  • You must have an attorney
  • The attorney must be working on a contingency basis
  • You cannot currently be in bankruptcy
  • You cannot owe back child support

If you wish to apply for Anti Trust Lawsuit Funding, be sure to have your attorney contact information available. Plan on speaking to our professional agent for about 15 minutes. We’ll take it from there. You will need to contact your law firm and authorize them to provide the requested documents to us.

There is no cost or obligation when you apply, so why not give us a call and let us attempt to get money for your lawsuit. 856-340-6133

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