Funding for Lawsuits

Box of Money There are many circumstances for which Funding For Lawsuits may actually be a good idea. If you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you may have medical bills or other expenses that are forcing you to consider the offers coming in from the insurance company. If this is the case, and your attorney is advising you not to settle, you should contact Easy Lawsuit Funds, today, since we provide the cash you need to keep you going. You might be the perfect candidate to benefit from pre settlement lawsuit funding.

Lawsuit Funding

While this type of lawsuit funding is not for everyone, due to the high cost of the money, there are times when it makes good financial sense to apply for this type of lawsuit funding. These types of lawsuit cash advances are non recourse loans, which do not have to be paid back if the case is lost.

Nor are there any out of pocket expenses to pay when applying for this funding source. What is really appealing for most folks considering lawsuit funding is the fact there are no monthly payments to worry about. You pay nothing until the case is settled, and your funds are released.

Lawsuit Cash Advance

While other sources of advances are cheaper, they require a good credit rating just to qualify. They also require monthly payments, at a time when your finances are stretched to the limits. Getting a lawsuit cash advance may turn out to be a godsend, considering the fact you could be giving your attorney the time needed to get a better settlement for your case. This could result in a much better offer.

Fair Settlement Amount

When the insurance company sees you aren’t going to be forced into accepting their original low ball offers, and that you not only intend to wait until they come up with a fair settlement amount, but that you can wait, you will likely find they become more realistic in their offers. This in itself can often increase the settlement amount enough to cover the cost of the lawsuit cash advance.

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